Cal Aero, both in its deisgn and overall ambience, has a link to the romantic history of aviation.

The History of Cal Aero

     The Cal Aero Aviation Country Club was created as a throwback to the 1930’s when there were aviation country clubs around the country. The hanger's design was patterned after the Hicksville Aviation Country Club in Long Island New York, where such notables as Charles Lindberg, Leroy Grumman and other cradle of aviation founders were members. Incorporating the original name of Chino Airport, “Cal Aero Events", there was a an effort to tie the history of the airport with the present. The “Country Club”, or “Cal Aero” as the facility is known as, has become a center of gravity for the airport with not only private events, but also aviation related events such as EAA's Young Eagle's flights to introduce aviation to the youth of America. We are proud of what we have built as we try to continue the legacy of the airport and share it with others.

Cal Aero Aviation Country club is located at the famous Chino Airport, once known as Cal Aero Field. Click here to watch a short video on the history of Cal Aero Field