Vintage Aircraft Rental

Our vintage airplanes are available for rent at your next special event.

1939 Lockheed 12A (Electra Jr.)

The Lockheed is the “grand dame” of the fleet . She is a throw back to the classic romantic age of aviation with her art deco lines and her pristine polished aluminum. The Lockheed can be used for photo shoots, display at a special event or to taxi in to your event for the ultimate grand entrance!

aircraft rental chino hills

1940 Waco  ZPF-7

With its “golden era” of aviation looks, this biplane represents a bygone era of travel. The early “air-racer” looks add a distinct ambiance as a display for any event or photo shoot.

vintage aircraft rental

1950 Cessna 140

“Cute” is the best word to describe this little trainer.  Like the other aircraft, the “140” as she is known,  has been totally restored to exact specifications of what it looked like when leaving the factory in 1950.   This aircraft makes a great backdrop for display for any event or photoshoot.

 vintage airplanes