5 Fun Corporate Party Ideas For Holiday Celebrations

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Another year is over and you are about to organize one more corporate party. A corporate Christmas party is the best way to thank your staff for their excellent performance throughout the year. Not only will the entire team feel highly appreciated, but this is also the ideal time for some fun and enjoyment. After dusting off the last year’s decoration, when you are just about to call up the same caterer, you come across a clever idea: why not try something different this year?

So let’s leave those cringe-worthy Christmas banners and old decor, and try some creative and fun Holiday party ideas.

“Ugly Christmas Sweater” Party

You know that those horrid Christmas sweaters that you have been getting every year from your granny are actually trendy! People love them and they don’t fail to amuse. Let’s embrace the weirdness – the “uglier”, the better! Instruct all employees to show up wearing their funny Christmas sweaters. Make it a rule that anyone who doesn’t wear one, will be provided a spare one and they can’t say “No”. Announce a reward for the most impressive sweater!

Winter Masquerade Ball

Winter Holiday season is the time for an ultimate celebration. Why not throw a masquerade ball for your corporate party? Explain the masquerade balls’ history and show some costume ideas and colleagues will take it from there. Decorate the venue with harlequin patterns, mask-making station, feathers and theater masks Venice style! Have a photo booth area with cute backdrops and fun props, moustaches, Santa hats, and feather boas. A Masquerade ball is meant for dancing, so get everyone on the floor with some fantastic music. Reward the best dancing couple and the best dressed person in the party. Such awesome night calls for delicious catered appetizers, food, and open bar.

Winter Wonderland Party

Let’s embrace this beautiful season with a Winter Wonderland Theme. Decorate the party venue with fairy lights, snowflakes, white draping, and polar bears, just like a wintry palace. Arrange some warm savory bites with icy cocktail and delicious wine. Everyone should dress in their winter best. Add creative winter décor and maybe even some real snow delivered to your indoor venue to spice up the wintry factor. If you can lower the temperature and keep it cool during the party to add the “sub zero” effect.

A Candy land Christmas Party

This can be a popular Christmas party theme idea for a corporate party to have some fun. Who doesn’t love colorful candies and delicious desserts? Make venue decorations candy themed with colorful enlarged candies and arrange “Make your own cupcake” and candy making stations. Decorate the walls with cut-out cupcakes and place candy canes on each table. It’s a “Dessert First” kind of party.

A Multicultural Christmas Theme

Christmas is celebrated throughout the world; so, why don’t you celebrate this Christmas in “Around-the-World” party theme? This will be an awesome idea especially for a multi-cultural company. Encourage employees to dress up in traditional costumes of their country of origin or their choice. Have a multi-cultural cuisines and Holiday dishes present at the party table and play seasonal songs. It’s a small world after all!

Practical Tips

You can negotiate a much better deal when you host your event on weekdays or dates other than right around Christmas. Make it into a special Winter Holiday celebration and you have a lot more options/dates to work with as party venues tend to be booked up on weekends in December months in advance.

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