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Celebration of Life & Memorial Venue Services

The venue you select for a Celebration of Life or Memorial Venue is an important decision for the loved ones of the deceased. Often the deceased has already mentioned a venue, or it may be a reflection of the loved ones, passions, interests or personality.

Cal Aero Events provides a setting where your guests will immediately arrive to a relaxed atmosphere where friends and family can mingle in an open-air, indoor-outdoor setting. There is ample room for both table and chair set up, including high top tables in a more relaxed lounge setting as well as areas for catering preparation and buffet set up if needed.

Cal Aero Events also has a “Ready Room” VIP lounge area where a smaller group can gather for a more private conversation in a quieter atmosphere if needed.

You will greet your guests in a very relaxed atmosphere as they arrive with a beautiful setting including an outdoor fireplace and lounge area that faces the runway with beautiful hills in the background.

Why choose Cal Aero Events as a Memorial Service or a Celebration of Life venue?

As a Memorial Service or Celebration of Life venue, this space provides a very welcoming, light and airy environment where you are able to comfortably join your close family and friends in this time of honoring your loved one. The vintage airplane hangar opens up to a beautiful open space setting facing the runway and a beautiful view of the sunset to the west for your guests to enjoy.

Floor Plan/Layout:
The spaciousness of the venue, allows for a variety of floor plan options, giving your guests plenty of space for mingling and walking about in the indoor/outdoor setting. The space will also allow plenty of area for displaying photographs, memorabilia, and other heirlooms. In addition, there is plenty of room for a dining area for your guests as well as set up for catering and other vendors.

Cal Aero Aviation Country Club (Cal Aero Events) is centrally located for guests coming from a variety of areas such as San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles County.

Cal Aero Events has ample parking and accessibility for all of your guests, including additional spaces for guests with disabilities and special needs.

Cal Aero Events is a spacious indoor and outdoor venue. The indoor has a seating capacity of 325 that opens up to an outdoor space of equal size for additional guest seating if needed, open space for high tops tables or lounge furniture, vendor set up, and a BBQ/Bar and fireplace area as well.

What is the Difference Between a Celebration of Life and a Memorial Service?

Sometimes people will choose to hold a Celebration of Life instead of a Funeral or Memorial Service. And sometimes they will host a funeral at a church or graveside and then choose another venue for the Celebration of Life.

A Celebration of Life does just that, celebrate the life of the deceased. a focus is put on the great memories, activities, accomplishments and contributions made by the loved one. The atmosphere is more uplifting than the somber setting of a funeral or memorial service. A Celebration of Life event can be held a few days, weeks, or event months after the loved one passes or event after the funeral service. A Celebration of Life has fewer set rules, they are usually more flexible and what may be thought of as inappropriate at a funeral is not at a Celebration of Life event. A funeral or Memorial Service will often be a more traditional ceremony along with a more traditional timeline and behavior of guests. Even the attire of the Memorial Service or Funeral would be very conservative and traditional, typically black. Whereas they attire at a Celebration of Life you would see a mix of attire, possibly more casual dress, and even a Hawaiian shirt would be appropriate if that was a favorite of the deceased. The decisions are often based on the wishes of the deceased or their family. If you are unsure, contact a family member to find out the type of service and attire.

You can expect a Celebration of Life to me a more joyful event, one that celebrates rather than mourns. This does not mean that there won’t still be tears memories and reflections on past experiences are shared. It is just more of an upbeat affair and the emphasis is typically on the positive memories of the person’s life. There may likely be laughing as friends or family members share a memory. Think of a Celebration of Life as an upbeat memorial service.

The main differences you will see at a Funeral or Memorial Service are the format, atmosphere, and settings. The format will be structured and usually have a schedule of events and the atmosphere is more somber, event the sound is more hushed with quiet undertones. You are unlikely to hear any loud talking or laughter. Also, the venue may be a more traditional setting as well as the floor plan.

The location for a Celebration of Life is usually in a more casual setting like a loved one’s home, a garden or park, or a rented venue such as Cal Aero Events. The location may be selected around a special interest or passion of the deceased or a general atmosphere they enjoyed. Families usually look for an atmosphere where their guests feel comfortable, relaxed and can move around easily and interact with their guests.

What are some ideas I can incorporate in a Celebration of Life or Memorial Service?

Regardless if you have a Celebration of Life or a Memorial Service, have a timeline and general floor plan. The Celebration of Life may be less structured, but a timeline will keep the event flowing and help you to stay within the time allotted. The Celebration of Life will usually last from 3 – 5 hours.

Also, a general floor plan will give usually have an area for treating guests as they arrive, a guest book table, a possible lounge area, an area for guests seating, and an area for catering buffet and set up.

Some ideas you might consider for a Celebration of Life event would be:

  • Ask guests ahead of time to share experiences they have of the deceased.
  • Possibly have guests bring photos they might have or give to you ahead of time.
  • Play a video of loved one’s memories.
  • Make a playlist with the favorite music of the deceased.
  • Have a display or centerpieces that reflect the loved one’s special interests.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding how Cal Aero Events will fit your needs for a Celebration of Life or a Memorial Service.

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