5 Simple Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

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Breath-taking weddings are our specialty! We host dozens of fabulous weddings throughout the year at Cal Aero Events, and each one is a unique reflection of the couples’ personalities and vision for their big day. Of course, each bride and groom wants to have the perfect, truly unforgettable wedding, not only for themselves but for all their guests as well. They want their wedding to be an event that is talked about and remembered fondly for years to come. Our unique award-winning banquet space is an authentic, renovated aircraft hangar – so, your wedding is destined to be unforgettable!

As you know, the success of any event is highly dependent on effective event planning. So, based on our experience at this unique venue in Southern California, we’d like to share some amazing ideas that will help you plan your unforgettable wedding…one step at a time!

Cue the “Wow” Factor

Whether you are hiring a professional event planner for your wedding or working on it yourself, a well-designed and decorated space with a lot of attention to detail usually brings that “WOW” factor you’re looking for. Our venue is very spacious and open, with high vaulted ceilings, so it makes an ideal canvas for your event no matter what theme or style you choose. Naturally, a lot of our events and weddings incorporate the “Aviation” theme that works great for weddings as well. We’re happy to showcase photo albums of past events and creative twists on Aviation theme to spark ideas and inspiration for your big day!

Make an Impressive Entrance

Traditionally, couples arrive to their weddings riding in a limo. But picture this! How would your guests react if you arrived in style to your wedding in an airplane? That’s the way we roll here at Cal Aero Events. This is the preferred way to announce the newlyweds are here, and adventurous couples looking for a unique venue or a unique event love this option! This one is hard to beat and is truly unforgettable for newlyweds and their guests. Love is always “up in the air” here at Cal Aero Events.

Plan for a Professional Audio Visual Set Up

Well-planned wedding receptions are dynamic events with lots of toasting, talking, laughing, and singing, so you will rely heavily on a great audio visual system with high quality microphones, speaker system, and possibly a large screen. The bride and groom are the center of attention for the whole night, so why not put them on the stage (literally) at least for a few shining moments? The more guests you have, the harder it becomes for the bride and groom to mingle with everyone. Therefore, a creative video or a live speech can be a great way to reach out to all your guests. Never underestimate the importance of quality audio visual equipment and the professionals who run it. It will ensure a better quality event and that all your great memories are captured on video…just for you, for years to come!

Spring for the Photo Booth

Yes, photo booths are still in! It’s a simple and fun way to entertain guests for hours with fun accessories, glasses, horns, hats, mustaches, headbands and/or custom signs and custom accessories just for your wedding. Go wild creating funny signs and images. And along with your formal photography, you and your guests will have fun images in relaxed atmosphere to remember your big day. At Cal Aero Events, we take it a step further and offer a “photo-bomber” flight stimulator. It is a restored flight simulator that the guests can get in and pretend they are flying and take photos and they love it!

Organize Traffic Patterns and Designated Areas

Make a path, people! There will be a lot of moving around the banquet space during the event, so this needs to be taken into consideration and managed to avoid chaotic unorganized “traffic”. Outline the paths that people will be taking during the event such as a path to the restrooms, bar, dance floor, etc. It’s also important to make sure your seating area allows a free and unobstructed flow around the venue. What is unique about Cal Aero Events is that the dance floor can be anywhere! Many of the summer events choose to have the dance floor outside where it is more open and spacious with a cool outdoor breeze. Guests have easy access to an outdoor bar and fireplace area to hang out and get fresh air at all times.

Remember, unforgettable weddings are not just lavish weddings but a combination of creative, well-executed ideas that all flow together in a venue that allows your ideas to come to full fruition! And that’s why Cal Aero Events venue is a popular choice. Our unique wedding venue near Orange county makes it easy to bring your dream wedding out of the clouds… and into reality!

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Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is the perfect backdrop for your event. In addition to the hangar, we offer a variety of amenities to customize your event needs and create a truly unique experience for all your guests.