6 Must-Have Things for a Successful High-School Reunion

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No matter how many years go by and where life takes us, school friends are forever! Don’t miss a chance to attend high school reunions as this gives the opportunity to catch up with the old friends and relive those good old days. This is why high school friends often set up groups in social networking platforms and organize reunions. But making it happen takes a lot more than discussing the event in online groups.

So, where to start? Well, a good way to start is to contact the school and find out if they have a High School reunion committee or set one up yourself. Here’s a quick list of some things that are required for a successful, fun and dynamic high-school reunion.

1. Former Classmates

Your list should begin with finding your former classmates! Find those enthusiastic classmates who can help out and form a committee and help with the rest of the planning. Once a committee is formed, see if your school can help with contact information of your Graduation Class. Come up with good reunion ideas; send emails and invitations to the physical address of those elusive classmates.

2. A budget

Based on the size of your high school, number of your Graduate Class, venue rental fees, catering estimates, and approximate head count, you should be able to figure out a budget. For that, you have to form a reunion committee. The committee members have to figure out the pricing information and make the budget. It is important to calculate the budget accurately well in advance.

Tip: The finance managing process to be followed is – collect, handle, track and expend the fund as required.

3. A dynamic venue

Depending on the size of your High School, the reunion can attract a lot of people and their significant others. That’s why you should look for a venue that is big enough to accommodate the size of the event, even when the number of attendees tends to increase last minute. Our event venue in the Inland Empire is spacious, with a variety of settings and table configurations, outside area and beautiful views that attract graduates from the Inland Empire, north Orange county and East Los Angeles county. We host reunions every month as Cal Aero Events is ideal for holding high school reunions.

4. Class theme and decoration

While themes and decorations are not 100% necessary, they can enhance your event and set the tone for a fun Walk Down the Memory Lane. Often, school committees decide to have a themed reunion and/or incorporate school traditions. As a center-piece you can create a memory table displaying large sized poster with yearbook photos or other fun memories that you have. Light up the display and decorate it with helium balloons and other decor – the center-piece will surely be visited by everyone.

5. Entertainment

DJ and live music are great options for reunions and need to be taken into consideration if you can build it in your price. Karaoke system could be a more economical option. Popular songs from the graduation class’ era will sure get people moving and dancing. Pair up old friends for duets!

6. A photographer

Take photos of your classmates and make a now-and-then comparison! Photo booth or a professional photographer are popular options. To cut the expenses, you can check if any of the photography students in your high school or community would like to help. These pictures will capture the memories forever.

High school reunions held at Cal Aero Events are memorable. Our unique venue will be a comfortable, spacious, and dynamic space for your event.It takes effort to organize a big event such as high school reunion in Inland Empire but picking the right venue is 50% of your success. Now get to work and let’s create a magnificent High School Reunion for your Class!

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