Attending the Planes of Fame Airshow in Style

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A beloved, annual event, the Planes of Fame Airshow at Chino Airport brings together friends, families and strangers to celebrate flight. From young toddlers attending their first airshow to old-timers who have been attending it for decades, there is no age requirement to enjoy the Planes of Fame Airshow! Everyone, regardless of their age or aircraft expertise, loves to walk around looking at vintage and military aircraft while eating an ice-cold frozen lemonade. The sites to see just begin on the tarmac, as the sky is where the real show is! From fighters from World War Two to todays front line fighter jets, every year the Chino Airshow presents impressive shows in the big blue sky.

With how great this weekend is, you may wonder how it could be possible to make this weekend even better. Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is the answer you are looking for! Since 2012, Cal Aero Events has held the Skybox Chalet “Member for a Day” Fundraiser at the Cal Aero Aviation Country Club, an exclusive, front row hanger, during the Planes of Fame Airshow. Not only does Cal Aero Aviation Country Club have the best view of the Chino Airport runway, it also provides an escape from the elements. Rain or shine, the Cal Aero Events fundraiser will thrive! If the temperatures rise, use your VIP ticket to take a break from the hot tarmac and cool off with a crisp refreshment at Cal Aero Aviation Country Club. Not only are a variety of refreshments continuously available, but catered food is provided, as well. And if the delicious food doesn’t hook you, consider this…would you rather use a hot, public airshow portable restroom or an air-conditioned, clean and private restroom at Cal Aero Aviation Country Club? Yeah…I thought so.

Under the cool shade, with a full stomach and sipping on a tasty refreshment, you may think to yourself…how could this get any better? Well…it does. Not only does purchasing a Skybox Chalet “Member for a Day” ticket provide you with all of these amazing perks, but 50% of all net proceeds are donated to the incredibly impressive and loved Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino Airport. Attending the Planes of Fame Airshow in style has never been easier with the help of Cal Aero Events!

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Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is the perfect backdrop for your event. In addition to the hangar, we offer a variety of amenities to customize your event needs and create a truly unique experience for all your guests.