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Although we are still in a triple digit heat wave, it’s time to plan for winter holidays and Christmas celebrations. Yes, we are getting inquiries from companies all over Southern California about corporate events and understand the concerns and challenges that event planners face during upcoming busy season to select just the perfect venue. This is a daunting task and you need to act quickly before the best venues get booked up. To ease the process of holiday party venue selection, here’s the list of important tips to keep in mind that will help you secure the perfect party venue:

1. Your Ideal Venue

When you are searching for a venue for the Christmas party, outline the specific features that ideal venue must have: indoor or outdoor event space; capacity; size; stage; audio/visual hookups, etc. Once you have all the answers, you can decide with ease.

2. Easy Accessibility

The location is a key point in a corporate event planning, be it a Holiday party or sales meeting. The best venue is in close proximity to freeways, is easy to find, and has abundant parking. Also there should be nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests. The location should be somewhere that is convenient for your guests.

3. Venue Capacity

Both the area and capacity of the venue should be the right size to match your requirements. For a Christmas party, obviously a spacious place is better to avoid overcrowding than a tight space. But it is better to size it quite accurately to avoid overpaying for a bigger space or have not sufficient room for all participants and unexpected guests. Every venue will provide their maximum capacity numbers. If it’s a multi-day event, the venues should probably have different sections or rooms under the capacity limit.

4. Catering and Banquet Arrangement

A rich banquet table is usually a centerpiece of Christmas corporate events as it is the time to celebrate and indulge in traditional Holiday foods we are eagerly awaiting the whole year. And it’s an undeniable fact that great food and beverages never fail to be an important foundation for a great party. The banquet seating arrangements can vary and serve different purposes and types of events so it’s important to discuss it with a venue beforehand to make sure your requirements can be accommodated and to discuss catering & menu options.

5. Outside Vendors

Since you are planning a fun Holiday corporate party, most likely you will be hiring different vendors to assist you with entertainment. But some venues have restrictions in allowing the outside vendors. They allow only some of the exclusive vendors they work with for their events. So, discuss it with venue management beforehand to make sure that you have no restrictions in bringing outside vendors for your event.

6. Trust Reviews

Before finalizing the location, ask other event organizers to share their experiences about that particular venue. In addition to that, go through the online reviews on various sites and forums to get the track record of previous events and reputation of the venue. You can connect with some reviewers on sites such as Yelp to discuss their experiences.

7. Book Early

Once the holiday season is upon you, it’s very hard to find any suitable venue, so planning in advance (like NOW) is a good idea. There are only 4 Fridays and weekends during that time and they book up fast. Weekday celebrations for corporate parties are good option for some companies. Some venues might have a special Early Bird pricing for booking earlier as well.

8. Pay a Visit

Once you screened various venues, reviews and compared prices, narrow down your choices to 3 venues and go out to visit them. Site visit is a must to examine the location, parking, important details such as bathrooms, etc.

So, we invite you to schedule a viewing of Cal Aero Events Space in consideration for your Holiday corporate party. We are usually very busy during the holiday season as our space is a perfect setting for corporate parties or big Christmas celebrations. Please explore our site and look at the photos at and call (949) 533-9013 to schedule an appointment.

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