Do’s and Don’ts in Selecting the Right Venue for Corporate Party in Los Angeles

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Organizing a corporate event and selecting the right location and venue in Los Angeles and Southern California can be a daunting task. It is a competitive overcrowded market and venue prices reflect the demand. Before you start the venue search for an ideal location to organize your next corporate event in Los Angeles Southern California, make sure you have all necessary information and basic facts and requirements about the event including number of people attending, nature of the event (celebration, team building, sales meeting), technical & AV requirements, food & banquet needs, additional space needs, etc. so that you can focus on finding a perfect venue. Apart from that, take note of transportation needs, ease of access, parking facilities, overnight accommodation options and some legal issues as well. These are just some of the major factors that you will have to be aware of while searching for the right location in Los Angeles vicinity to hold a corporate event. Here are some tips on DO’s and DON’Ts while selecting a venue for your team event.

Do: Have optional dates

You may find multiple venues in your LA locality, but as a lot of them are booked for weddings and big events 12-18 months in advance, you may find out that they have already been booked far in advance. Thus, you will have to put some extra effort to find a different venue available for your specific date. It helps to start searching 6-12 months in advance and have a few optional dates available if your event dates can be flexible.

Do: Budget Accordingly

Having called around a few venues for pricing information, it is important to work out your approximate budget and have it approved before searching for the event venue. It will help you navigate through multiple options and select the ones within your company’s target budget. You should also allow extra amount for last minute additions, changes, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Do: Check Accommodation and Parking Facilities

While planning a corporate event, you should take into consideration facility location, infrastructure, surrounding accommodation options, parking structures, etc. Make sure that the venue offers good parking options for participants’ convenience.

Don’t: Plan Event on a Holiday

Unless it’s a Holiday party, try to avoid having your event on or near any major Holiday dates as the pricing may be higher at that time. Also, you are running into the risk of lower attendance for the event due to Holiday travel and employees’ time off.

Don’t: Forget Hiring Entertainment

Entertaining programs are important for any event and especially for Corporate Parties in Los Angeles to keep people engaged and relaxed. Make sure your venue offers sufficient space for entertainment groups, stage or dance floor, and hookups for necessary technology systems. Some organizations prefer to spend a lot of money to create very impressive events to Wow their clients and partners as part of company’s branding and reputation. Make sure selected venue reflects that status, offers well designed upscale space and handles each event professionally.

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