How To Find The Right Revenue To Make Your Wedding Memorable?

Plan a Unique Wedding Event inside a Vintage Aviation Themed Hangar.

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One of the most important things that will be on your mind after getting engaged is finding your wedding venue. This special space needs to be spacious and functional and meet your design requirements and expectations and be memorable! Once you have the ideal venue, all the remaining details like color, decor and style of your event will readily fall into place with ease.

If you are looking for something different than a cookie-cutter wedding, here are some important things to think about to set the perfect tone for your memorable event that your guests will never forget.

Option to customize the floor plan

Aside from standard layout, look for a venue that allows you to customize the set up and floor plan layout for your needs. Take a tour of all sections and parts of the venue so that you are aware of surrounding areas and can decide on the best use of space. Cal Aero Events provides numerous set-ups and configurations to accommodate your agenda for special event. Our hangar is large and can accommodate large number of guests.

Give guests a place to intermix

Choose a wedding location that gives your guests enough space to mingle between dance breaks. There should be a spacious lounge area or seating area or patio where guests can rest and chat but stay together. In this way you can keep your guests connected to what’s going on in the party, even when they are resting. Cal Aero’s beautiful trellis-covered patio space, with outdoor bar and fireplace area is always a popular spot during weddings.

Memorable space and theme

Be it a smaller wedding or a very big celebration – an interesting venue will set the right scene for the important event. Looking for something uber special? How about tying the knot in a vintage aircraft hangar? When you are looking for a unique wedding venue in Inland Empire, Orange county or Los Angeles county, Cal Aero Events aircraft hangar fits the bill. From flight tickets serving as Wedding Invitations to themed dining decoration, there is no question that an airplane hangar and aviation theme can provide the ideal creative outlet for couples looking to design a very unique event. Let your fantasy wedding take flight!

A venue with a view

What will your guests see when they walk to the venue? Whether it’s the city skyline, crowded and busy streets or stunning vista of the runway with the backdrop of rolling mountains, exceptional locations with beautiful views are always a huge plus. Nature with its stunning sunsets can create the ‘wow’ effect along with man-made arrangements.

At Cal Aero, we always go out of our way to help you make your wedding a stand-out celebration with unique, unusual and quirky ideas. If you are planning to ‘get wed soon’ and have some out-of-the-box ideas, do share with us!

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Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is the perfect backdrop for your event. In addition to the hangar, we offer a variety of amenities to customize your event needs and create a truly unique experience for all your guests.