How to Organize a Corporate Party This Holiday Season

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Every year in December, companies throw Holiday parties as a token of appreciation to their employees and to give everyone a chance to celebrate, mingle and get to know each other better. It is often challenging for administration to find the right venue for such event within their budget and to throw a corporate Holiday party. If you have been asked to organize a corporate party for your company, do not panic. A holiday party doesn’t have to be over-the top and break the bank. Pick a unique venue, pair it with some fun innovative ideas and you are all set to nail it! To help you make a fool proof plan, this blog presents a checklist that you can use to guide you. Take a look and start planning now.

Estimate the number of guests

How many guests will be attending the party? This is an important consideration. Most organizations invite all their employees but some employers extend invitations to family members. Depending on the allocated budget, you can decide upon the number of invitees. However, inviting employees’ family is a nice gesture, especially if it is a Christmas holiday party and falls on a weekend. Employees feel more connected and appreciate the opportunity to introduce their spouses and kids.

Select the right venue

Picking up a venue is largely determined by the type and the size of the party you are throwing. If your company is located in Inland Empire or OC, it is probably more convenient and more economical to host a corporate party in Inland Empire as well instead of selecting coastal locations. Most of the time, corporate parties are hosted at common venues such as country clubs, restaurants and hotels. But you can go a different route and instead do a quick research on unique unusual places for such events. You will be surprised with a variety of creative options that some modern venues offer. Cal Aero Events, an authentic aircraft hangar – turned into a party venue – is definitely one of such venues. By choosing a more unique venue, which does not necessarily mean, more expensive venue, – you set excitement and anticipation of the event.

Decide upon a unique holiday party theme

Turn the venue into magical place for your event. Think about the themes that will go well with natural ambiance of the space. Or you can build a Holiday Story based on famous traditional stories and characters, or come up with your own plot around your company. Consider arranging some entertaining games or acts, live music, dance area, live band, DJ etc. Think if your venue has enough space to accommodate that. Select the menu that complements your theme and story line.
An authentic spacious hangar does not only suite aviation theme parties, but can set stage for multiple dazzling themes and story lines… only limited by your creativity. A well thought-through and meticulously organized event will have your guests raving about the party and venue for weeks to come.

Whenever you are choosing a venue in the Inland Empire, look for these few features:

Convenient highway access
Interesting architectural design and enchanting interior décor
Options such as outdoor patios, views
Stage/dance area
A/V and electrical hookups
Numerous customizable layout options and table configurations

The holiday season is around the corner. Companies are arranging and finalizing Holiday corporate parties but many continue hosting Winter Celebrations well into January and February and take advantage of special discounted venue pricing. Another option to consider is to host a week night celebration and get a better rate at Cal Aero Events. We hope this blog gives you a quick checklist of ideas for selecting the right venue and a quick creative boost for organizing a fabulous event.

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