Let Your Holiday Party Take Off In A Retro Aircraft Hangar

Plan a Unique Wedding Event inside a Vintage Aviation Themed Hangar.

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As the summer winds down, the autumn leaves have begun to turn golden and now it’s the time to pick up the ideal place where you can host your holiday party. If you want to create a truly mesmerizing backdrop for your party, organized in a unique venue, this blog will certainly ease your search.

Every event, irrespective of how small or large, needs a clear objective and vision. Is the event you are organizing to thank volunteers for a task perfectly handled or to bask in the glory of a project successfully completed? Make sure your goals and purpose are perfectly in order, so that responsibilities can be administered strategically.

When it comes to scheduling your party, you will hope everything goes smoothly, without a hitch. Most importantly, you do not just want to bear the headaches of running the event but also enjoy the party to the fullest. A significant part of ensuring a successful holiday party is picking a location that is visually appealing, with the right vibe, and great amenities, a big enough space and loads of customizing options. The choice of your venue can make or break a party. Why not narrow down your choices?

Southern Californians and those who live in Inland Empire, Orange County or Los Angeles county have many choices! But there is a unique event venue that attracts crowds from all over. Award-winning design, aviation themed vintage interiors, outdoor patio and spacious bar area, multiple table arrangement options, large dance floor are at your disposal at Cal Aero Events unique venue. There is so much for us to celebrate this Holiday season! So, half the battle is won as you have figured out a location that is fit to host all kinds of parties, from private gatherings to large banquets and office parties. Now it’s time to let your imagination take flight!

Parties come in all sizes

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when you are searching for a location to host your party. Finding a venue that can comfortably accommodate your entire team is crucial. After all, you do not want your guests feeling confined and incapable of moving around. Cal Aero Events is one of the most demanded corporate party venues in Orange County for its ideal location – close to Chino Airport, awe-inspiring vistas of the runway, authentic aircraft hangar beautifully designed into a banquet hall with an accommodation capacity of 300 people, spacious outdoor with open air BBQ, bar with stone fireplace and trellis-covered patio space that can be easily transformed into a luxurious lounge.

Think outside the box

With Cal Aero Events, your imagination can literally take flight as it gives you numerous options. Try something different and fun this year! If you haven’t thrown a party at an aircraft hangar before, you should consider this time. While most of the companies throw evening parties or special events in some restaurant or hotel, it will be worthwhile to break the convention and think differently. Break the tradition, reinvent the ordinary office party and transform it into an extraordinary event. You can bring entertainment, band, any performers, a casino night or give a laid back option holiday cheer on big comfy couches. Come up with your special theme or let our professional event designers help you with organizing the event. Set against the backdrop of an airplane Hangar, the display of vintage aircraft, multiple A/V hookups, indoor/outdoor surround sound system for CDs and iPods will bring your theme to life!

To help put your holiday planning in full swing do check out these tips. That’s not all. Our staff will help with creative ideas, recommendations for catering and equipment rentals to make your party unique. Do not wait too long or you may end up hosting your party in the office cafeteria. So, get on the books now!

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Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is the perfect backdrop for your event. In addition to the hangar, we offer a variety of amenities to customize your event needs and create a truly unique experience for all your guests.