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Sales meetings are the times when the upper management or sales team leads share important updates and encourage their team for better performances. But these long meeting hours can go boring and monotonous in the office’s conference room. It is really challenging to keep your sales team’s attention without letting them daydream away or start fiddling with their iPhones under the table. To perk up the enthusiasm, combat and inspire your sales team, spice up the meeting by incorporating an aviation theme this year!

Fly High

“Fly High above the Competition” could be a theme for your aviation-themed sales meeting. Start beating your competition at your sales team level simply by choosing a fun venue – aircraft hangar like Cal Aero Aviation Country Club to host your sale meeting. You can keep the main concepts of the meeting in tune with the airplane and aviation theme. The unique hangar in Inland Empire offers a wonderful opportunity to entertain your employees amongst the ambience of real aircrafts. The venue is available to all small and large companies seeking to host aviation-themed corporate events. We have a beautiful facility with a large banquet hall, outdoor space and a collection of vintage airplanes to add to the theme.

Real Aircrafts Available

Your event will automatically take flight here with professional set up with various table, audio-visual equipment and with vintage aircraft in the background. To cheer up the authentic aviation atmosphere you can rent and even taxi in on our vintage aircraft present at Cal Aero such as the Lockheed 12A “Electra Junior”; Waco ZPF-7 “The Z”; Cessna 140A and/or display them according to your set up. These restored aircrafts have appeared in several TV serials and commercials. To check them out, visit the gallery section of Cal Aero Events website: www.calaeroevents.com

Use this theme and our fun venue in Inland Empire to inflate inspiration amongst salespeople. Airplanes are representation of high hopes for the future, excitement and new challenges. So, it is no wonder that aircraft themed events are a popular choice for corporate events. We are ready to take-off now. So please tie your seat belts and fly high above your competition!

And for the ultimate company event this year ask about the opportunity to rent the entire facility for this year’s Planes of Fame Airshow on Friday, April 29th or Sunday May 1st, or Saturday’s Skybox Chalet will have Table Sponsorship opportunities also! Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is front and center for this unique opportunity to watch the Airshow in unparalleled comfort and style while you and your guests are pampered as “Members for the Day” at the Cal Aero Aviation Country Club. Situated front and center at the Chino Airport, this venue is the guaranteed best location to sit and relax while watching the Airshow. Included is the opportunity to venture out to the display area and view the aircraft up close, all while being wined and dined with superb food and drink for the entire show!

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Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is the perfect backdrop for your event. In addition to the hangar, we offer a variety of amenities to customize your event needs and create a truly unique experience for all your guests.