Popular Wedding Trends for 2017

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Each wedding is a meaningful and memorable event to the couple but events do require planning and preparation. Too often couples seem to think the more money spent on the wedding, the better it will be. These couples are either attempting to impress their guests with expensive upgrades and options and forget that a memorable and unique wedding for them may not be more expensive. What ensures a wedding is a stand-out and therefore memorable – is when it is unique and special to the couple. A customized wedding has the personal touches of the couple and expresses their style and personalities which can mean stepping away from a traditional ceremony/reception. The following trends for 2017 give a glimpse at the possibilities that will help couples break-away from those traditional banquet rooms, the boring catering menus and the ho-hum table top bars.


The vintage wedding trend is timeless. A romantic ambiance is created with specially chosen antiques and an old-world feel on a wedding day. Many couples opt to include family heirlooms in the ceremony and décor which offer a uniquely personal touch to their vintage wedding day. Timeless ethos of the vintage wedding may very well outlive other trends on the rise because it has been time-tested & bride approved.

Show Theme

For a couple with theatrical talents and accomplishments, a show-themed wedding is a fun way to go! This includes dazzling, visually appealing and unexpected dramatic effects that transform the couple and their guests into the entertainment world for the day. This magnificent wedding style is extremely versatile since it is created around the dramatic flair of the couples theatrical talents/accomplishments. This wedding trend is best when someone in the wedding party can be a go-to for championing the ‘show’ components of the wedding.

Pure Romance

As the name suggests, this wedding theme is all about Romance. From a candlelit ceremony to crystal chandeliers in the reception to elegant and ethereal flower arrangements, this eternal theme is only limited by your imagination. The light, airy and pure elements of romance do not overpower but create the ambiance that reflects the couple’s idea of Romance and just like a Vintage trend, this is a timeless choice.

Modern and Industrial Vibes

A potpourri of clean-cut industrial interiors, a light color pallet and shiny cold metals are perfect for adding a “contemporary, yet city-hip vibe” to a wedding. Best suited for the trendy urban couple who want to have woods, metal/wire and clean fabrics such as rich suede or buttery leather in the wedding décor.

Innovative décor and themes

In the coming year, the boundaries of creativity can be pushed further by exploring an unconventional and innovative wedding theme. These exceptionally creative themes can be incorporated into a wedding décor structurally and aesthetically to add to the grandeur of the wedding celebration. Expert wedding planners expect to see a rise in themes that include crimson, black, teal and sunset hues.

Choose a wedding trend for your 2017 wedding before you select a venue that will help your wedding be unique and memorable. We do have a wedding planner on staff to consult with engaged couples and help determine a theme and start the planning process to a memorable big day!

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