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Have you ever spent countless hours planning an event just to have a small turnout? Here are 4 quick tips to increase the attendees at your corporate event. Corporate event planning is not one-size fits all – pick and choose what will work for your corporate event.

Event Tip #1: Remember, it’s all about timing!

The day and time need to fit the type of event you are planning. Mornings are ideal for seminars; breakfast meetings and after work are perfect times for networking events whereas weekend afternoons/evenings are preferable for wedding celebrations. Choose the day/date carefully, depending on the nature of the event and the audience you want to attract.

Event Tip #2: Location, location, location!

An unimpressive venue can drive away potential attendees. The venue should be a blend of convenience with a price that fits the intended audience. A distinctive event (i.e. a masquerade party) could need a specialized location. Potential attendees will see the value of attending if you can secure the ‘right’ venue for the event. Check with Inland Empire or Orange County directories for a list of venues with corporate party options.

Event Tip #3: Show the value

Create promotional materials that are developed just for this particular event. Include several takeaways in all event collateral from the invitation to the (digital) marketing materials. Be sure to include testimonials from past events to show the value. Use guerilla marketing tactics and share these promotional materials with all new contacts, partners, networking contacts and possibly include on various community bulletin boards and online event directories!

Event Tip #4: Tweet, Pin, Post, Snap, Update often!

Use social media to create a buzz about your event. Create posts that are informative and shareable (include a graphic/video). Provide event details and include a link to register that makes it easy for people to say ‘Yes!’ to attending your event. You should be on social media and have a presence before you can successfully use it to effectively share an upcoming event. Determine what social media platforms are best for your industry and work to develop your brand and make connections. If used correctly, social media can prove to be a great marketing tool to elevate your brand and bring awareness about this & future events.

Feel free to reach out, we’d love to help you figure out specific ways to increase attendance at your corporate events at our Event Venue in the Inland Empire.

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