The Use of 360° Videos for Events

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If you keep up with social media, you probably noticed the new cool feature of Live video streaming on Facebook. With your smart phone you can easily capture what is going on around you and let others experience and watch the video LIVE. There’s also an option for a 360° video. These videos have started garnering a lot of attention these days.

Can you imagine the impact these videos make on event planning industry? They are used to amplify the experience of viewing an event if guests are not able to attend and allow to live stream the event and share it. Have you thought about using this amazing technology at your event?

Here’s why you should consider it for your next corporate party or meeting.

The Benefits of 360° videos at gala events and corporate parties

  • People are very busy these days and have overlapping schedules that does not always allow them to attend events live. Now event management companies can offer 360° live experience of their events and expand the reach of corporate events to all employees around the globe without expensive technology.
  • If you are in event planning industry, most likely you keep your eye on the latest trends in the market and incorporating live 360° videos is one such trend. Try it at your next event, and you will not only be providing all your attendees with an exemplary experience of your event online but may also garner a lot of followers on the major social media channels. Because of the exposure that such videos get on Facebook, many people will view your event and will follow you on social media which in turn will promote your business.
  • 360° videos can benefit your event management company to a great extent. Suppose, you are organizing a corporate party in Los Angeles. You can quickly broadcast and live-stream 360° experience of the venue to your clients and get necessary approvals fast.
  • All-around videos are quite in vogue these days. Everyone is talking about Virtual Reality as the next revolution in the movie world but it is not quite available for everybody as of now. Alternatively, developing a 360-degree video does not require any resources or complex technology but attracts more viewers. Its accessibility from all kinds of devices is one of its strongest benefits as well. You can make your event video content go viral with a click of a button.

So, the next time you are planning a gala event for a social or corporate purpose, keep these benefits in mind and experiment with live video applications to bring more value to your clients and guests. Provide an all-around experience of the corporate event venue in Chino or Chino Hills or elsewhere before getting your client’s approval for it. Not only will it impress your clients with the quality of your services but also will promote your business in the social media and create brand awareness.

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