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How to prepare for hot summer weather on your wedding day

Summer is a beautiful season for weddings! When you are planning a summer wedding, you probably envision a perfect scene straight out of a romantic movie – a beautiful kissing couple surrounded by blooming flowers in front of a gorgeous backdrop with clear blue sky. Although a clear blue sky is almost guaranteed for your summer wedding day in Inland Empire, the hot season may bring a different set of challenges that may have not crossed your mind yet – heavily perspiring guests, runny makeup, and unflattering spotting on guests’ attire. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for wedding in the summer heat.

Summer Wedding Gown

When planning a wedding in Inland Empire on a day that could be hot, keep the temperatures in mind and work with your stylist to help you choose lighter breathable fabrics for your gown. Some of the best choices of fabrics would be crepe, cotton or silk. You may also consider a sleeveless open gown that will eliminate the problem of unsightly spots on the gown. Grooms should also consider lighter fabrics for their tuxedos but they don’t have to worry as much as they are wearing layers.

Time of Ceremony

If you have an outdoor ceremony, the best time to schedule it would be earlier in the day before 12pm or later in the day after 6 pm. Keep in mind that 4pm is usually the hottest time of the day in summer, so plan accordingly. The same goes for your photo shoot – don’t take photos during the hottest and brightest time of the day to avoid harsh bright light and… heat strokes. Your make-up artist and photographer will advise what would be the best time frame for your shoot so that you look the best in any weather.

Shade and Cool Drinks

Have your wedding planner arrange for extra shade, canopies as needed and make sure that you have done proper arrangement for cool refreshments. There should be extra supply of cold drinks and especially ice water and ice. Add slices of orange, fruit or cucumbers to make water taste better and presentation more elegant.

Additional Tips

Hot temperatures are very harsh on flowers and wilt them quickly as well. Make sure to hire a local floral service that is not too far from the wedding venue for faster transportation. Our experienced florists we work with are prepared to handle hot weather and so are their flowers.

And, just a common sense advice, remind your guests to keep hydrated and drink plenty of cool water on a hot day. At Cal Aero Aviation Country Club, we have hosted numerous summer weddings and events and will help you with necessary arrangements.

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