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Venue Rental Rates

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Custom Rates For Your Event

We will customize a proposal to meet the needs of your event based on:

  • Number of Guests Attending
  • Set up Requirements
  • Rental Equipment or Additional Rental Items
  • Event Timeline
  • Event Date

Cal Aero Aviation Country Club is the perfect backdrop for your event. In addition to the hangar, we offer a variety of amenities to customize your event needs and create a truly unique experience for all your guests.

Other amenities available for event rental:

  • Display of Vintage Aircraft
  • Arrival in Vintage Aircraft for Grand Entrance
  • Bridal Suite Overlooking Hangar Venue
  • “Ready Room” VIP Lounge
  • Outdoor Trellis Fireplace and Bar/BBQ
  • Indoor/Outdoor Sound System for iPod and CDs
  • Drop Down Screen
  • Recommendations for Catering and Equipment Rentals
  • Unique Aviation Themed Rentals
    • Aircraft Cockpit Photo Booth – “Photobomb-er”
    • Aircraft Cowling Bars
    • Vintage Coke Machine
Arrive in style in the glamorous Lockheed Electra.
Cal Aero Events

Airplane Rentals

Rent a historic plane and arrive in style.

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Film & Photo Shoot Rates

Let Cal Aero be the Set for Your next Film or Photo Shoot!

Cal Aero Events has been featured in a number of films and photo shoots. This clean, open hangar space allows for a variety of unique sets. Other areas of the facility, including the three story Tower, the Observation Deck, and various rooms throughout the upstairs make unique backdrops for any type of short film or photo shoot.

The Visitation, one of the short films featuring Cal Aero Aviation Country Club, can be viewed here:

Recent Productions:

  • My Fair Wedding
  • Ball in The Family (Produced by Facebook)
  • The Visitation

For more details about renting aircraft visit here.

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